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AVIVA  Bikes

For a New Way of Life


Summer 2024 Is Here

Hey Rhode Island! This is the perfect time to explore the great outdoors on an AVIVA electric bike. Our AVIVA models (Titan, Scout, Viper, Rebel) are designed for durability and performance. We also offer bike repair services of all kinds of bike models, including e-batteries.  



At AVIVA   Bikes, our mission is simple: to have you enjoy

every minute on our e-bikes, experiencing a new way of life!


Sunset Rides Await

Our e-bikes has long-lasting batteries and comfortable seating. With a range of 34 miles and a max speed of 20 mph, it's your spring/summer ride waiting to happen.


Stop by AVIVA Bikes in Johnson, RI, and let us help you find your dream electric bike.

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