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Wheel Truing Services for Bikes

We’ll adjust the tension of the spokes to straighten the wheel. This involves correcting deviations to ensure the wheel spins smoothly without wobbling or hopping. Regular truing helps prevent undue stress on spokes and rims, extending the life of your wheels.

Our Service Includes:


  • Adjusting the wheel to eliminate wobbles

  • Ensuring all spokes have even tension for improved durability and performance.

  • Centering the wheel within the frame for optimal function

  • Replacing broken or damaged spokes

  • We recommend a wheel check-up at least once a year or immediately if you notice any abnormalities while riding.

We strive to provide prompt service to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. 

We provide many other services, including flat tire repairs and brake replacements.

Contact us to schedule your wheel truing service for your ebike.

Here at AVIVA™ Bikes we are open 9am - 4pm Monday - Friday

3 Carding Lane Johnston, RI 02919

Phone: (401) 523-4100

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