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Battery Recycling

At AVIVA™ Bikes we care about our environment and are dedicated to keeping cells out of the trash! Any battery rebuilding service is accompanied by a small fee that guarantees your battery's safe disposal.

How We Do It

Once your battery is diagnosed, and with your permission to move on with the repair or replacement,  then the old battery can be recycled    in house - which is stripped from the pack for reuse. The leftover   metal and plastic from the battery case is sent off to be recycled and     if possible  the cells are shipped off to be recycled at a lithium ion battery recycling center.


Why It Matters

While our bikes are the best way to travel and do all of our parts in saving the environment from harmful car emissions, the batteries can be dangerous for waste workers and the environment when disposed of improperly. We try our best to ensure this never happens!

Electrical Wiring
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